The cutting room floor

Sunbeams and silence;
Inside, green letters scroll across
A computer screen.

My website has grown too big. That would be the other one, with my real name plastered all over it. Costs money to maintain, too. In turn that drives me to hustle all the time, not that it works. Way to make a man hate himself.

I need to start over. Maybe here, on the small internet, is the right place.

Not sure what all to bring with me yet. Maybe these for a start:

A handful of haikus

Some bitter humor

Thoughts on Gemini

Thoughts on programming (new!)

Watch this space for more.

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Apropos of nothing

I've been looking at blogs wrong this entire time

No, seriously. *Of course* posts are just going to pile up if I treat them as stand-alone and largely unchanging. And post summaries become baggage once they slide off the front page. As for archives, they just tend to grow forever: a different kind of pile-up.

The post should *be* the summary. Any details should be relegated to a more permanent page linked from the blog: a corner of your digital garden, that you can tend at leisure over time. *That* is how you reconcile the timely and the perennial, not by forcing wikis to double as blogs or other "clever" schemes.

Dear rationalists

There's magic in the world. Not literal magic. The metaphorical kind. But it's there.

Miracles happen. Not the literal kind. But they do happen.

You get signs from above. Not the real deal. But pay attention and you'll notice the universe speaks to you.

To deny all that isn't reason, it's reductionism. And smarts without wisdom are a castle built on shifting sands.

Higher education is a scam

And I mean in an EU country, where top students (if not all students) can actually study for free. But there's still a lot of money involved, because the state pays their tuition instead. Which is why teachers will insist that after getting your bachelor's you also go for a master's ...then a Ph.D. ...then a post-doctoral school ...after which they'll try to recruit you among their ranks so you can perpetuate this long-running con scheme.

And in the mean time, all those teachers have secure, well-paid jobs. See?

But sure, they'll insist it's all for love of knowledge. Don't fall for it.

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