The cutting room floor 🐈

Sunbeams and silence;

Inside, green letters scroll across

A computer screen.

My website has grown too big. That would be the other one, with my real name plastered all over it. Costs money to maintain, too. In turn that drives me to hustle all the time, not that it works. Way to make a man hate himself.

I need to start over. Maybe here, on the small internet, is the right place.

Not sure what all to bring with me yet. Maybe these for a start:

📜 A handful of haikus

😅 Some bitter humor

💻 Thoughts on programming

💭 Thoughts on whatever

📱Fave Android apps

🧮 Retrocomputing corner

📄 Cool text editors (new!)

Watch this space for more.

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Last updated: 27 April 2021

-- Just a lonely orange cat