Cool and unusual text editors 📄

As a programmer and writer, I spend most of my computer time in a text editor, so the choice of software is quite important. I have vanilla tastes for the most part, lately sticking to Mousepad on the desktop and Micro in text mode.



But it can be fun and useful to keep up with alternatives. And lately I keep finding cool and unusual alternatives:

Minimum Profit

A text editor for programmers, with a mentality I like, very lightweight and supporting many different back-ends. Also a scripting language of the creator's own devising, that also tickles my fancy.


A Unicode text editor made back when such things were rare. The user interface is kinda weird, but works, and is easy enough to figure out. Has few dependencies.


Another text editor for programmers, that works in both graphical and text mode. It's cross-platform, relatively lightweight, and supports many languages. Thanks, Kilgore!


And because I'm a programmer (did I mention that already?) and making one's own text editor is both diversion and rite of passage, I made Snaked, a line editor for those who work with the Python programming language:

Snaked on the web

Snaked on Gemini

It's surprisingly usable if I may say so myself, and people seem to like it.

The cutting room floor 🐈

Last updated: 27 April 2021